SERS substrates

Nanoparticle enhanced Raman sensors 

SERS substrates for Raman Spectroscopy

Nikalyte nanoparticle SERS substrates amplify Raman signals by up to 1000 times. Suitable for lab or field use for the detection of trace molecular species in narcotics, forensics and life sciences.

Try from as little as  £6.00 per substrate

Nikalyte SERS substrate
Nikalyte Au nanoparticle SERS substrate


SERS active materialGold nanoparticles
Sensitivityppm to ppb
Laser Wavelength785nm, 830nm
Max Laser Power20W/cm2
Dimensions75mm x 25mm
Active area6mm x 6mm
Pack size 5 substrates
Lifetime 3 months

Applications data

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