UHV Magnetron Sputter Sources : Stellar

Fully UHV compatible circular magnetrons 

Circular Magnetrons for Ultra High Vacuum Applications

Nikalyte’s Stellar Sputter Sources are high-quality magnetron sputter sources that can be supplied individually or integrated into a custom-built  NEXUS and NL-FLEX vacuum system. These circular magnetron sputter sources are compatible with all UHV systems.

Key Features

  • Bakeable upto 250°C (no need to remove magnets)
  • Excellent target utilization of up to 40%
  • Standard and high-strength magnets for magnetic materials
  • Options for balanced or unbalanced magnet configurations
  • Simple bayonet clamp for straightforward target mounting
  • Includes a choice between manual or pneumatically controlled shutter
  • Available sputter target sizes: 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch
  • User-friendly design with easily exchangeable magnets
  • Customizable in-vacuum length
  • Compatible with DC, RF, Pulsed DC (unipolar or bipolar), and HiPIMS power supplies


Stellar Source1.0″2.0″3.0″
Mounting Flange (CF (O.D.)4.5″
UHV compatibleYes, bakeable up to 250°C (no need to remove magnets)
In-vacuum length200mm or 300mm – special length on request
In-vacuum diameter of source head45mm72mm93mm
Target size1.0″ (25mm)2.0″ (50mm)3.0″ (75mm)
Target thickness (non-magnetic
targets with standard magnets)
Up to 3mmUp to 3mmUp to 3mm
Target thickness (non-magnetic
targets with strong magnets)
n.a.Up to 7mmUp to 7mm
Target thickness (magnetic targets
with strong magnets)
Not available –
0.4mm with standard
Up to 1mm Up to 2mm
MagnetsFor magnetic or non-magnetic materials, balanced or unbalanced, easily
exchanged by the user
Power supplyDC, RF, Pulsed DC (unipolar or bipolar), HiPIMS
ShutterIntegral manual or optional pneumatically operated
CoolingMinimum water flow of 1 I/min
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