Nanoparticle & Thin film UHV Deposition System : NEXUS

Multi-purpose PVD system with nanoparticle deposition capability at its core.

Your complete vacuum deposition solution

The NEXUS is an ultra high vacuum PVD System capable of generating both nanoparticles and thin films that is well-suited for both industry and academic researchServing a wide range of applications including catalysis, photonics, energy storage, sensors, and life sciences. This UHV deposition system can be integrated with analytical tools to provide a fully customized solution for your research needs.

Key Features

  • Generate complex materials by combining nanoparticles and thin films
  • Hydrocarbon free nanoparticles using  NL-UHV
  • UHV system with load-lock, bakeout and pumping upgrade option
  • Combination turbo/dry backing pumping
  • Confocal port geometry for up to 5 sources
  • Compatible with third party sources
  • Coating of substrates with rotation, heating and biasing options
  • Interlocks to protect both personnel and equipment
  • Fully automated and recipe driven software

Basic System Configuration

Size of deposition chamber450 mm
Base Pressure< 5e – 7 Torr
OrientationSputter up
Sample table4-inch wafer, 20rpm rotation, Z-shift for sample loading/unloading
Pumping300l/s turbo with 7.2m3/hr dry backing pump
ValvesManual valves, shutters and linear drives
Control SoftwareRecipe driven processes, power supply control and data logging
In-situ monitoringQuartz Crystal Microbalance for process monitoring and end point detection
Source PortUp to 5 deposition sources 2 Confocal CF150 and 3 confocal CF100 source ports
Source TypeNanoparticle source, Magnetron sputter sources,
Mini e-beam evaporator, Thermal boat source
K-cells, Ion source, RF Atom source


  • 5e – 9 Torr base pressure (With bakeout option)
  • Sample stage:-

– DC bias for nanoparticle acceleration

– RF bias for sample surface cleaning

– Heating to 800°C

  • Pumping – 700l/s turbo
  • Separately pumped load-lock with transfer arm
  • System bakeout
  • Automation options for valves, shutters and linear drives
  • Adjustable baffle in front of turbo to increase dynamic pressure range for sputtering at lower gas flows

NEXUS System Configuration Options

Control Software

The intuitive “drag and drop” user interface is easy to use and allows full automation of the pump down and deposition sequence.


⇒ Fully automated pump down and venting

⇒ Configure Virtual Rack to suit your process

⇒ Easy to add and remove instruments

⇒ Real Time Charting

⇒ Interlock Monitoring

⇒ Recipe Control

⇒ Data Logging Functions 

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