New nanoparticle deposition system received by York University

new nanoparticle deposition system

A brand new nanoparticle deposition system was recently received by York University. The new Nikalyte NL50 system was installed in the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics department at the University and will be utilized by Dr Andrew Pratt and his advanced materials research team as well as for undergraduate research projects.  Projects will include spintronics devices, novel magnetic nanomaterials, photothermal materials, and antimicrobial nanoparticles.  The structure and composition of the nanomaterials materials will be anlaysed using the abberation corrected TEM/STEM and environmental controlled AC-STEM in the Jeol Nanocentre. The AC-STEM JEOL 200F NeoARM will enble researchers to watch the oxidation of nanoparticles in real time. The NL50 is the first system of its kind, providing a simple and easy to use to0l for the deposition of a wide range of ultrapure nanomaterials, which is suitable for use for students and reasearchers side by side. Physics Undergraduate students at York university will get a hands on first experience of nanomaterials research., with projects on sensors, magnetic materials, plasmonic structures. The nanoparticles are generated in vacuum and so are free from the hydrocarbons and ligands that plague chemicallly synthesised nanoparticles. The NL50 generates nanoparticles by a process called terminated gas condensation in a vaccum chamber which is seperate to the samples chamber, which means that reach the substrate at room temperare enabling deposition on senstive substrates such as graphene or plastics.  The quick cycle times of 30minutes, easy to use touch screen control and quick swtich between materials makes the NL50 the ideal shared nanotechnology tool . We look forward to hearing how the academic team and undergraduates at York University get on with the system in the coming months.

User Training at York University
Research technican David Hasp receives training on the new NL50 nanoparticle deposition system
new nanoparticle deposition system
Brand new nanoparticle deposition system installed at York University Physics department
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