Modular PVD system for Nanoparticle & Thin film : NL-FLEX

Non-planar & planar, powder coating and reel-to-reel deposition system 

Modular deposition solution for your research

The NL FLEX is an ultra-versatile PVD System capable of generating both nanoparticles and thin films that is well-suited for both industry and academic research. NL-FLEX is capable of accommodating any kind of substrates including reel-to-reel , non-planar and powder coating. Serving a wide range of applications including catalysis, photonics, energy storage, sensors, and life sciences. This modular PVD deposition system can be integrated with analytical tools to provide a fully customized solution for your research needs.

Key Features

  • Generate complex materials by combining nanoparticles and thin films
  • Hydrocarbon free nanoparticles using  NL-UHV
  • Spacious and Easy Access chamber, ideal for delicate and complex substrates
  • Upward or Downward facing source configuration
  • Compatible with third party sources
  • Coating of 3D objects with rotation, heating and biasing options
  • Fully automated and recipe driven software

Basic System Configuration

Size of deposition chamber450 x 450 x 450 mm
Base Pressure< 5e – 7 Torr
OrientationSputter down
Sample table4-inch wafer, 20rpm rotation
Pumping700l/s turbo with 7.2m3/hr dry backing pump
ValvesManual valves, shutters and linear drives
Control SoftwareRecipe driven processes, power supply control and data logging
In-situ monitoringQuartz Crystal Microbalance for process monitoring and end point detection
Source PortUp to 6 deposition sources
Source TypeNanoparticle source, Magnetron sputter sources,
Mini e-beam evaporator, Thermal boat source
K-cells, Ion source, RF Atom source


  • Removable deposition shielding 
  • Upward facing source geometry
  • Sample stage:-

           – DC bias for nanoparticle acceleration

           – RF bias for sample surface cleaning

           – Heating to 800°C

  • Automation options for valves, shutters and linear drives
  • Adjustable baffle in front of turbo to increase dynamic pressure range for sputtering at lower gas flows
  • Separately pumped load-lock with transfer arm

Control Software

The intuitive “drag and drop” user interface is easy to use and allows full automation of the pump down and deposition sequence.


⇒ Fully automated pump down and venting

⇒ Configure Virtual Rack to suit your process

⇒ Easy to add and remove instruments

⇒ Real Time Charting

⇒ Interlock Monitoring

⇒ Recipe Control

⇒ Data Logging Functions

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