Webinar: Raman Spectroscopy – The materials difference

Raman Spectroscopy - The materials difference

Join Niklayte, in conjunction with Laser Focus World, for their upcoming Webinar titled Outlook on Raman Spectroscopy – The materials difference, at 4 pm (BST), 8 am (PCT) and 10 am (CDT).  Register here. The Webinar will be presented by Nikalyte CEO and Professor of Medical nanotechnology Alistair Kean, accompanied by Nikalyte COO Dr Vicky Broadley, where they will discuss the Outlook of Raman Spectroscopy from a nanomaterials perspective. Nikalye’s own SERS substrates utilize gold nanoparticles, generated using a physical deposition process, to boost Raman signals by up to 1000x. During the Webinar we will be comparing and contrasting physical and chemical synthesis techniques for SERS substrates and discussing how the synthesis of these nanomaterials impacts the performance of the SERS sensors. We will also look at the current and future applications for Raman Spectroscopy and discuss how new nanomaterials will help to answer some of the toughgest market challenges. 

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy - The materials difference
Surface enhanced raman via gold nanoparticles
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