Nikalyte CEO presents at IOM3 Nano4Health Webinar

Nikalyte CEO Alistair Kean joined a list of top academics at the latest Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining webinar. The Nano4Health event covered recent advances in nanotechnology that are helping to combat covid-19.  Alistair discussed how antiviral nanosurfaces can play their part in combatting infections. Silver and copper nanoparticles demonstate antimichrobial and antiviral properties and Nikalyte have demonstrated a kill rate of log8  for E-coli on copper nanoparticle wound dressings. Antiviral nanocoatings have shown exciting restults when applied to day to day objects such as door handles. Nanocoatings on medical equipment such as breathing tubes and sugical instruments have also shown antiviral properties. Other talks focused on how nanomedecine can aid vaccine delivery, diagnostics and testing.  Nikalyte are experts in nanoparticle deposition equipment and nanocoatings for a range of applications including antiviral and antimichrobial coatings. Contact Nikalyte to find out more about our technology. 


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