Nikalyte celebrates 1 year of the NL50 with 25% off

NL50 benchtop nanoparticle system is now 1year old

Nikalyte celebrates 1 year of ultra-pure nanoparticles at the push of a button with  25% off the NL50 benchtop nanoparticle system. This easy to use benchtop tool is the workhorse of any nanotechnology research or teaching lab.  Launched in 2020 the NL50 has provided nanoparticles for a wide range of research projects including biosensors, SERs and antiviral.  Users can deposit nanoparticles in a matter of minutes from a range of different materials including gold, silver and platinum. The NL50 has attracted particular interest from teaching and undergraduate laboratories, due to its ease of use, automated recipes and fast materials exchange. Contact for more information or to arrange a personal demo.

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