Nikalyte at Electrochem 2023

Nikalyte is exhibiting at Electrochem 2023

Nikalyte are to exhibit at Electrochem 2023. Nikalyte’s COO  Vicky Broadley and CTO Srinivasa Saranu will be attending the Royal Society of Chemistry electrochemistry conference at Bristol University, from 10th – 12th September. Nikalyte will be showcasing our deposition solutions for generating ultra pure nanoaparticle catalysts. Nanopariticle catalysts offer the opportunity to reduce loading of scarce and expensive materials such as Pt, Ru and Ir as well as enabling complex core shell and hybrid structures to increase electrochemical reaction rates and reaction selectivity. Highlights will include alloy and high entropy alloy catalyst nanoparticles generated using the NL-DX3 triple headed nanoparticle source, and single atom catalysts deposited using the in flight quadrupole mass filter, NL-QMS NL-UHV.

Three source sputter head for alloy nanoparticles
Three headed nanoparticle source for alloy and core shell nanoparticles
Platinum nanoparticle

The event will cover topics including

  • Fundamental Interfacial Electrochemistry
  • Electrochemical energy conversion
  • Electrosynthesis and electrochemical transformations for a circular economy
  • Electrochemical energy storage
  • Electrochemical sensing and Electroanalysis
  • Corrosion Science and Engineering
  • Advanced in-situ and operando electrochemical technique

To join Nikalyte at Electrochem 2023 register here. Drop by our stand in the great Hall of the Wills Memorial building.

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