Nikalyte to present at Photonex23

Nikalyte will present at Photonex 23

Nikalyte will be presenting at Photonex 23 next week in Glasgow. Nikalyte CEO Prof Alistair Kean will be showcase previously unseen results on high entropy alloy nanoparticles as electro catalyst for green hydrogen at the Functional Materials symposium on Tue 24th October. The work is part of a Royce Institute funded Materials Challenge Accelerator programme which was  carried out in partnership with Rob Weatherup’s group at in the Materials Department at University of Oxford.

Ruthenium catalysts are currently the best performing catalyst materials for the electrochemical splitting of water to generate green hydrogen, but the expense and rarity of  Ruthenium is a big barrier to the commercialisation of the technique.  High entropy alloys offer an earth abundant and cheap alternative to platinum group metals, such as Ruthenium for electrocatalysis. Nikalyte’s gas phase deposition technique is uniquely placed to generate high order alloy nanoparticles with fine control over the elemental concentration, with superior control and repeatability than offered by chemical synthesis techniques. The three headed NL-DX3 nanoparticle source enables researchers to load three different materials at once, enabling researchers to explore a wide range of compositional parameter space.

Alistair will also present electrochemical results carried out at the University of Oxford by Dr Leanne Jones.

The Photonex exhibition and conference is in its third year in the new format with more technical parallel sessions than ever. This year the Functional Materials workshop will take place over 2 days from 24th -25th October and will include a record number of speakers. Join us there by registering here.




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