Nikalyte at Royal Society of Edinburgh Curious summer series

Nikalyte’s CEO Alistair Kean has been invited to speak at the Royal Society of Edinburgh Curious summer series. During his talk on 19th August,  titled ‘The science of the small’,  Alistair will discuss how nanotechnology is advancing healthcare. He will draw on his experience both at Nikalyte and in his position as Professor of nanomedicine at the University of the Highlands and the Islands.  Find out about the nanomaterials that form antimicrobial and antiviral surfaces. Learn about nano-functionalised bio sensors that can detect pathogens. The talk will be held online and is free to attend. Book your place here.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Curious summer series is running for its third consecutive summer. The program involves a month-long series of online activity bringing together some of Scotland’s leading thinkers and practitioners, curated to make audiences question the world around us. You are invited to take part in thought-provoking talks and quiz some of Scotland’s leading thinkers and practitioners. Quench your curiosity on a range of topics, including the future of energy demands, coastal communities, dealing with death, endometriosis, nanotechnology in healthcare, green aviation, video games, forensic science, and so much more. Curious is an opportunity to learn something new, query the way things work and ask questions to some of the world’s leading experts.

There will be a range of talks on the following themes:

Our planet: with a particular focus on the climate crisis in the lead up to COP26

Health and wellbeing: covering the dichotomy of mental and physical health, while examining broader wellbeing matters,

Innovation and invention: from the innovation that drives our path forward, to the inventions which created the modern world

Covid-19: exploring our lives through the pandemic and lessons that can be learned.


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