New Nanoparticle deposition system solutions

Nanoparticle deposition system

Nikalyte is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Moorfield Nanotechnology to offer a complete nanoparticle deposition system solutions. The NL-UHV nanoparticle source is now available with Moorfield’s MiniLab range of PVD systems. Choose a stand alone nanoparticle deposition system or combine with other vacuum techniques, such as magnetron sputtering, ion beam etching or thermal evaporation. By combining Nikalyte’s expertise in nanoparticle deposition with the system design and control expertise of the Moorfields team, we can now offer complete nano/thin film coating systems to suit your needs. The NL-UHV generates ultra-pure nanparticles with precise control over size, density and composition. For enhanced control over nanoparticle size, combine the nanoparticle source with the NL-QMS mass filter. Ideal for nanocoatings research for catalysis, batteries, sensors, graphene and antivirals. If you can’t find an existing chamber solution to meet your needs, contact the Nikalyte team to find ask about bespoke nanoparticle deposition system solutions.

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