Nikalyte is 2 years old

Nikalyte celebrates it's second birthday

Nikalye celebrates it’s second birthday today. Over the past 2 years Nikalyte has designed, developed and launched 2 exciting nanoparticle deposition products. The NL50 benchtop nanoparticle deposition system was launched in 2020 and was the first of its kind. Combining ease of use with the advantages of gas phase nanoparticles the NL50 is revolutionising the nanotechnology research market. One of the biggest draws of the NL50 is the suitablity for student and teaching labs.  Nikalyte are also comitted to nanoparticle applications research and have worked with leading nanotechnology research groups across the world. The NL50 continues to play an important role in numerous research projects for biosensors, electrochemical sensors, and cell binding projects but to name a few. The Nikalyte team recently released results demonstrating state of the art gold nanoparticle SERs substrates.

In 2021 Nikalye added the NL-UHV product range to its portfolio, which offers superior control over the nanoparticle properties. With a choice of different sources, researchers can produce ultrapure elemental nanoparticles or complex alloy nanoparticles using the unique NL-DX3 triple headed source. All our products use gas termined deposition process where the nanoparticles are generated in vacuum, so are free from the usual hydrocarbons and ligands that plague chemical sysnthesis techniques. With continued support and investment from Oxford Technology Nikalyte continue to invest in new and exciting products. Watch this space for further exciting nanoparticle deposition technology and applications research.


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